Youth Council


12th Grade, Florida

Morgan is passionate about promoting physical activity and participation in youth sports. She was selected 3 years ago to represent the Orlando Magic with Nike Game Growers, and continue to offer support each year to incoming middle schoolers. Morgan is currently working with her high school to implement a field day for high schools in the area. Bringing schools and students together in a fun environment to encourage physical well being and making new friends along the way. She also volunteers at multiple camps for middle school students and volunteer at her school’s Special Olympics. In September of 2022, Morgan was given the honor to attend the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition & Health Washington DC. Being able to speak to what she is passionate about and have her voice heard feels that in some way she has made a small difference. Morgan believes that being able to present the point of view from a youth’s perspective is truly beneficial to the older generation who are making the decisions that ultimately affect today’s youth. Morgan’s career goal is to work with professional athletes and teams to help encourage giving back to the community and encouraging youth to stay active and healthy.