NFL Flag-In-Schools Training Takes Over Gyms In NYC

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Nike sponsored special development workshops hosted by GENYOUth, Shape America and Fuel Up to Play 60 to train over 200 educators from New York City Public Schools on NFL FLAG Football curriculum.

Professional trainers, Tom Winiecki and Ellen Abbadessa lead multiple sessions in the Bronx and Brooklyn and shared the tips, trick and tools, with the educators to give them the confidence they need to implement FLAG in their classrooms and communities.

The #1 piece of advice that Winiecki gave to the coaches was to always speak to their players in full statements and to follow motivation with a piece of education. “Don’t leave it as ‘Good Job!’ or ‘Nice Try!’, complete it with ‘Good job, your hands were in the right position!’ Or: ‘Nice try, next time lower your hands on this angle’”.

FLAG has grown in popularity and expanded year-over-year as a fun and safe way to introduce elementary and middle school boys and girls to football. During the session, Winiecki acknowledged the importance of Elementary coaching, a fundamental time to train future Middle School and High School champions.

At GENYOUth we’ve been working non-stop with a network of partners, including Nike who sponsored the trainings, to bring FLAG Football to schools across the country. Since 2014, we’ve distributed over 16,000 FLAG-In-Schools Kits putting more than 9 million students on the field. At the end of our training, we invited the educators from New York to visit for offers grant opportunities and apply for their very own kit!

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