Podcast: Student Health and Well-being in a DisruptED Classroom

Posted by: GENYOUth Publishing Team | October 3, 2023 | Share:

DisruptED podcast hosted by Ron J. Stefanski and Dr. Caesar Mickens Jr. originally published on the MarketScale website.

The pandemic created more than a disruption in the classroom; it changed the landscape. Amidst the changes, educators and institutions recognized the critical importance of student health and well-being. These learning environments spotlighted the pressing need to prioritize the physical and nutritional health of the nation’s students. A stark statistic underscores the urgency: one in five children in the U.S. lives in poverty. This situation directly impacts their cognitive development, especially between the ages of three to six.

So, how do educators weave the threads of education and student health and well-being into a resilient tapestry for the future?

In this episode of DisruptED, Education & Upskilling Edition, hosts Ron J. Stefanski and Dr. Caesar Mickens Jr. engage in a riveting conversation with Ann Marie Krautheim, the CEO of GENYOUth. Together, they unravel the intricacies of student health and well-being in our modern classrooms.

Stefanski, Mickens Jr., and Krautheim tackle several essential topics, including:

  • GENYOUth’s pivotal role in championing physical activities and nutritional security, especially during challenging times
  • Tracing the roots of GENYOUth and its alliance with the National Dairy Council and the NFL
  • The quest to ensure students have consistent access to healthy morning meals and the hurdles that stand in the way

Ann Marie Krautheim, the dynamic CEO of GENYOUth, aims to ensure children lead well-nourished and physically active lives. With her foundation as a registered dietician and a master’s degree in communication, Ann Marie’s passion for youth health and wellness shines brightly. From her early days with the National Dairy Council to her leadership at GENYOUth, she has been a tireless advocate for student health and well-being.

Embark on a journey with the DisruptED team as they navigate the evolving student health and well-being narrative, spotlighting challenges and celebrating solutions in today’s disrupted educational world.

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