Meet The Winners Of The 2018 Bill McDermott Scholarship

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GENYOUth’s mission to nurture healthy, high-achieving students counts a great deal on the students themselves driving change in their school communities. With that said, it takes a network of incredible partners to make any effort on behalf of students, a reality.

Global technology leader, SAP, has been a funder of GENYOUth’s AdVenture Capital (AdCap) program almost since the beginning, working side-by-side with our team to scale the program and bring support and skill development opportunities to thousands of students across the country. The idea to award scholarships named after, and in honor of SAP’s CEO, Bill McDermott, came to be as a result of our work together as partners. McDermott represents the best of what any of our students hopes to embody both in character, resilience and achievement. Rebounding stronger than ever from an a very serious accident, he returned to work as CEO of SAP more determined than ever to grow the company and its efforts to give back to local communities in substantial and meaningful ways.

The student leaders that learn and grow through GENYOUth’s programs, Fuel Up to Play 60, and AdCap, also give back to their schools, families and communities through their collective efforts. In 2016, we launched the Bill McDermott Scholarship with SAP to recognize and award the efforts of these incredible students, providing $25,000 in scholarship funds each year to rising high school juniors and seniors that have demonstrated McDermott’s immense work ethic, bravery and determination in achieving their goals.

This year, we selected three winners that inspired us with their stories, the challenges they’ve overcome, and their big dreams for the future.

TRINITY overcame shyness and became a student reporter for the NFL Draft

Trinity, from Texas, is planning to attend college and will continue to play soccer and pursue a degree in Broadcast Media & Communications. Years ago, Trinity was terrified of public speaking. It was through her involvement in Fuel Up to Play 60 and AdCap that she push herself out of her comfort zone and discover her passion for broadcast media. Today, she also plays an active role in leading her younger peers as a member of the Fuel Up to Play 60 Youth Council.

It all started in elementary school, when Trinity began to make videos promoting different health initiatives. She continued to level up her efforts at the Fuel Up to Play 60 Summit in Dallas where she won the Youth Talks competition. The next day, she found herself giving a speech on a stage at AT&T Stadium and receiving a standing ovation. Trinity became such a rockstar at public speaking that she was chosen to represent Fuel Up to Play 60 as the Student Reporter for the 2018 NFL Draft!!

“The fact that I now want to pursue a career in the very thing I used to dread, speaks volumes to the journey I have taken.” Trinity shared with us: “My involvement with GENYOUth’s programs have helped me consider a different area of study for college because of the opportunities and lessons I’ve been given. Through everything GENYOUth’s programs have taught me, a door opened for me to want to pursue public communication in college. I feel as though I’ve found my voice through my work in Fuel Up to Play 60.”

Watch Trinity’s reaction when Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman, Tyrone Crawford, surprised her after soccer practice with a massive check:

Watch as #DallasCowboys DE @TCrawford98 surprises Trinity Williams of @friscoisd Heritage High School with the Bill McDermott Scholarship in order to further her education, thanks to her active involvement with @FUTP60!

ANI found a way bring lunch closer to students

Ani’s passion for health and wellness has empowered him to pursue a career in Medicine. The junior from New Jersey wants to become a doctor and focus on research to support young children dealing with terminal illnesses and public health issues. His calling to help others started with his involvement in AdCap and as a student ambassador for Fuel Up To Play 60.

Coming from a big school with a lot academic requirements and after-school activities, Ani saw how many students were skipping lunch to save the time and travel of going to the cafeteria at the other end of the building. Ani wanted to solve this problem, so he suggested to his principal that the school have a designated area in the North end to serve healthy lunch and snack options. When he pitched his idea at an AdCap Innovation Challenge, he won a $1000 grant that was used to open the new “Eat SMART Café.” But things didn’t end there, Ani was also selected to attend the the Domino’s Transformation Experience in 2015, where he got to meet some of the company’s top executives.

Ani reflected on how his AdCap and FUTP 60 experience helped him implement his project: “It was a great project and it had a positive impact on many students at my school. I am proud of the positive impact the program had on the students. They are able to get fueled up with a good breakfast every day and so are able to participate more effectively during the school day.”

Another one of our @BillRMcDermott Scholarship winners is Ani! The @FUTP60 student ambassador is also an #AdCap winner for his project to raise food accessibility in his school. Beyond proud! Thanks @americandairyne for helping make this moment happen!

AMOGH redesigned teaching with fun and games

Amogh, a senior from Kentucky, is heading for a double degree in economics and environmental science. He first participated in AdCap when he won a $2,000 grant through the “Domino’s Transformation Experience,” where ten lucky student entrepreneurs were selected for an all-expenses-paid leadership experience to meet with top Domino’s executives, as well as get an exclusive peek inside the Domino’s Test Kitchen. Amogh used his grant to start “One Backyard at a Time” a project to educate younger students about eating healthy.

Amogh reflected that at first, his project was challenging – he was encountering many young students who were hesitant to speak or afraid to participate. Amogh drew on the innovation and creative skills he had learned through participating in AdCap to tackle this challenge and make his program more engaging. After redesigning his teaching curriculum with interactive games, Amogh saw how his kids became more excited and talkative. Amogh’s AdCap project is still going strong and is even spreading to neighboring schools.

Congratulations to Amogh for receiving the third and final @SAP Bill McDermott Scholarship! The senior from Kentucky is an #AdCap winner and got to be a part of the ‘Domino’s Transformation Experience’. Amogh was surprised at home where he also got a goody bag for college!

Our three winners have very different backgrounds but share one thing in common: a desire the make the world a healthier place. We are grateful to have partners like SAP that rewards students for their passion and commitment and is helping clear the path for the future generation. We can’t wait to see what Trinity, Ani and Amogh do next!

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