Youth Council


Dairy MAX

2020–2021 Grade: 12
Year Joined Youth Council: 2018-2019
State: Texas

Jimena is a determined honors student who is passionate about helping others and learning new skills. She enjoys staying active, photography, public speaking, playing piano, and trying new things. Jimena loves to take advantage of opportunities to work with and learn from others. She plans to lead a ‘travelling life’ collecting skills, knowledge and experiences to be able to reach her ultimate goal; create a youth outreach program for Hispanics and disadvantaged students. Her involvement in Fuel Up has inspired her to accumulate diverse skills with the goal of making an impact on the lives of others. “Clarity is the one thing I’ve come to value most, alongside discipline, commitment and courage. It truly changes how you see things, and I have Fuel Up to Play 60 to thank for who and what I am today.”