Student Story: Part One – Highlights From The SAP Teen Innovators’ Blog

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“They thought that $1,000 was like a million.” Feedback from Charly, Sayed and Hamsa’s coach and mentor, Jen Weber, commenting on the jubilation the students felt when they won one of ten AdCap grants at SAP’s Social Innovation Series in Minneapolis last fall for their idea called “Sports Check it Out”. Little did they know at the time, but these three enterprising and creative young men would go on to win the grand prize of an additional $10,000 and the title of SAP Teen Innovators for their creative and thoughtful idea to give high needs students the opportunity to “check out” sports equipment, play sports and get daily physical activity.
The boys’ desire to give back to their school and community is evident as soon as you meet them. Borrowing from the Star Tribune article, which shared their journey from planning to winning and the experience in between, they seem to possess maturity beyond their years. Charly believes that “with great prizes comes great responsibility.”

We’re thrilled to share highlights from part one of our SAP Teen Innovators’ personal account and once-in-a-lifetime experience in Houston where they visited the SAP office, met with executives, and ended the trip at the Super Bowl.

These three outstanding entrepreneurs with big hearts could not have deserved this grand prize more. Said Sayed, “We want kids to have hope. We think sports is going to make them get hope.” We have the highest hopes for the future with amazing students like Charly, Hamsa and Sayed already doing amazing things to make it brighter.


A trip to change our lives is what was awarded to us by SAP, GENYOUth and AdVenture Capital. We could never dream this big but it really happened and we are so thankful.

It was amazing to hear about the plans that were being made for the Minnesota Super Bowl and we were amazed that 10,000 volunteers would be needed to make Super Bowl 52 possible. We arrived back at our hotel at 9:30 pm and promptly went to dive into the unheated outdoor pool. Whew that was cold! But still warmer than Minnesota.

Friday morning we went to SAP headquarters in Houston. We presented our project, received feedback and shared ideas about our app and further development into multiple markets. They showed us how SAP helps the world. SAP Houston team was very supportive and gave us their business cards so we could follow up with our app development in SAP HANA.

In the afternoon we went to The NFL Experience at the convention center. Inside the NFL Experience we were fortunate to see the Super Bowl rings, Lombardi trophy and play at many different booths.

Check out the full blog from Charly, Hamsa and Sayed on the AdCap Community Hub here:

Stay tuned for Part Two!

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