As America Goes Back to School, Help Reverse the Decline of Our Children’s Physical Health

As the 2023-24 school year begins, it is important to recognize that the impact of the pandemic continues to play out throughout our society, particularly among our youth. Scores in math and reading have declined while rates of physical and mental health challenges have risen appreciably.

Aug 02, 2023

We Underscore Dairy’s Value in School Meals

Long before American businesses committed to corporate social responsibility, dairy farmers set the precedent for purpose-driven work by producing a product that nourishes youth and families.

Jun 28, 2023

Five Fundamentals of Why School Breakfast Matters!

It’s National School Breakfast Week. As 30 million children rely on school meals for a significant part of their daily nutrition, now is the time for reflection and action.

Mar 06, 2023

Forget Workplace “Readiness”! For The Next Generation, It’s Workplace Reinvention

Teaching kids how to innovate is the ultimate in job preparedness. By Alexis Glick, CEO,...

Mar 19, 2019

The Value Of Opportunity: Believing That Young People Can And Will Change The World

A couple of weeks ago I had the time to sit down and give my...

Mar 19, 2019

Meet The Winners Of The 2018 Bill McDermott Scholarship

GENYOUth’s mission to nurture healthy, high-achieving students counts a great deal on the students themselves...

Mar 14, 2019

School Breakfast: Crucial To Kids’ Health And Readiness To Learn

Increasing access with the support of public-private partnerships by Ann Marie Krautheim, MA, RD, LD...

Mar 04, 2019

NFL Flag-In-Schools Training Takes Over Gyms In NYC

Nike sponsored special development workshops hosted by GENYOUth, Shape America and Fuel Up to Play...

Nov 06, 2018

Parent Perspective: Progress Update From SAP Teen Innovator, Ciara’s Mom

More than almost anything else, GENYOUth loves to share updates on our students and all...

Apr 24, 2017

Student Perspective: AdCap Update From Entrepreneur, Lamia

We first met Lamia at the 2015 SAP Social Innovation Series event in the Dallas...

Mar 22, 2017